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Timing Is Almost Everything
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Timimg is Almost Everything

12 Steps to Executive Success
in Software Management

A New Book by Roland Racko

ATTENTION: Start Up Entreprenuers, Senior Executives, CEO's

  • Are you puzzled by the variety of software solutions to your business thrust?

  • Does your software team feel less responsive to your influence for software success?

  • Would it surprise you that a series of carefully timed queries elicit more profound change in software quality than stern management directives elicit?

  • Are you interested to learn the stealth tactics to make SEMAT Essence really take off in your company?

Roland Racko's new book answers these questions, and reveals how to supercharge the
intelligence and quality drive of your software team.

The book is available now.

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Why Buy This Book

I get great satisfaction coaching executives and software teams  and watching their surprise and delight as they discover how much more of themselves is their full potential. This resource is my way of honoring that potential.  This book proposes a "management by query" executive style. The "management by query" style presented here does specific things which capture a software team's attention in a way that intrinsically improves the quality of delivered software and thus helps us all experience the rewards of superbly crafted software.  

This book first analyzes what aspects make software management intrinsically challenging.  It then breaks down those aspects of software management into a series of specifically timed, targeted questions whose answers lead to positive change. It's not the questions that do the work. Rather, it is the thinking that the staff must do to answer the questions. And therein lies the magic. You get staff to behave differently by getting them to think differently in order to respond to your questions. And it all happens quite seamlessly.   

All that makes this book an effective communication tool in your efforts to capture the software success for which you yearn.

    Roland Racko

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